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An old-school  Sicilian mafia godfather who unjustly  spent 10 ten years in prison in connection  with the massacre of Via D’Amelio, in which anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino  was murdered, and    was  exonerated   of the crime and released  in 2011 , was again arrested with five others on Saturday for mafia related crimes

Salvatore Profeta, 66, a reputed revered godfather  of Cosa Nosta was arrested  for allegedly  overseeing  a criminal organization engaging in extortion and other organized racketeering. Profeta’s son and nephew and three other men of honor  were issued arrest warrants  in prison

After his release from prison in 2012, Profeta was captured on audio and  video  surveillance  in a secret meeting with  mafia captains  and soldiers  where it  was decided  he would  take over as  boss  of  the family  and reorganize the scattered ranks of Cosa Nostra in Palermo

The bugged  meeting  also sparked   a prosecutors probe that led to  the  arrest of the  powerful mafioso , who  is  so highly respected that dozens of people took to the streets  in Palermo  to  salute and pay tribute to the Godfather, during his arrest on Saturday, while he was  surrounded  by  police,