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CRASH COURSE: Lt. Gov. Tim Murray tries to explain his car accident in November.
By Howie Carr, Boston Herald

Shame on you, Lt. Gov. Murray, blaming the crash on your 5-year-old daughter.

Yes, you did manage to resist throwing her under the bus until your fourth or fifth version of your rendezvous with destiny, but Sunday night you finally broke down.

There was nobody else left to blame

What a stand-up guy. It’s bad enough to be a rat, it’s worse to rat out your own kid. And worst of all is that absolutely nobody believes this story any more than they believed any of the earlier ones. Lights, camera, action. Take 4, er, 5:

“Around 2 or 3 in the morning,” you or your new flack wrote, “I awoke when our 5-year-old daughter crawled into bed with us. From that point on, I was unable to get back to sleep.”

What’s the next excuse? The dog ate my accelerator. The check is in the mail.

You have to appreciate Crash’s chutzpah, striking out the “false rumors and wild speculation.”

Listen, Hurry Murray, if you’d come clean that first day, way back at the beginning of November, there wouldn’t be any false rumors and wild speculation.

Now your career is, like the Crown Vic itself, totaled. When Crash’s Epistle to the Worcesterites hit my inbox Sunday night, one of the first things I noticed was this howler: “During the ride I did not meet anyone or make any phone calls, texts or emails.”

 remember back when the feds were bugging Mafia boss Gerry Angiulo’s Doghouse. His son, Jason, had just been called before a grand jury. Gerry was pondering the eternal question, who would have to take the fall?

“We’ve had guys go to Leavenworth for their kids,” Angiulo told his brothers. “There’ll be none of that here   read more  Here