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U.S. prosecutors are trying to keep slinky ‘Mob Wife’ Ramona Rizzo from marrying Gambino bigshot Joseph Sclafani before he starts a 15-year stint in federal prison.

By John Marzulli, New York Daily News


The feds are trying to prevent a “shotgun” wedding between a convicted Gambino gangster and his “Mob Wives” moll before he goes off to serve a 15-year-sentence for cocaine trafficking.

Reputed mob soldier Joseph Sclafani is seeking a furlough from New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center to visit his 73-year-old father, Augustus, who is gravely ill with liver cancer.

But federal prosecutors oppose the home visit because they suspect Sclafani, 47, and his beautiful fiancée Ramona Rizzo, 41, are plotting to get hitched to benefit the reality TV show’s storyline

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