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83 year old Gambino soldier Jerome Brancato who was busted in the big Gambino Mob Sweep  along with acting boss Peter Gotti and other high-ranking members and associates of the Gambino mob–who were  charged in a long  sixty eight count Rico  indicment, did some time in the slammer –but scored Federal probation with some restictions that he wants lifted. He is sick , tired, and wants to take a trip and travel . Read The Story 

By Mitchel Maddux,  New York Post   

Even mobsters dream of retiring.

An octogenarian wiseguy once close to the Gotti family has asked a judge to end his probation early so he can start enjoying a slower life.

Jerome Brancato, an 83-year-old reputed soldier in the Gambino crime family now wants to travel to warmer climes, spend time at his Fort Lauderdale vacation home, and visit relatives – such as his brother in Canada.

But the rules of his federal probation keep him from traveling outside the New York City metropolitan area.

Once a trusted lieutenant to Peter Gotti – the Dapper Don’s brother – Brancato continued living a wiseguy’s life well into the autumn of his life, authorities say.  to  read more click  Here