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 Rome, – Italian officials finally caved from powerful pressure and granted a state funeral to Placido Rizzotto, a fierce  fighting  trade union  leader who died  by the hand of the Sicilian Mafia in 1948.

Rizzotto’s remains, which were identified last week, were discovered in 2009 in a cave outside Corleone, a small town made famous by the Godfather films. The decision to grant a state funeral came after a week-long campaign that went viral on Facebook and Twitter.  reports Ansa

Placido Rizzotto was championing  the cause of  social justice  for oppressed peasants when he was  shot dead  in a  murder plotted by  Luciano Liggio  , a  vicious ambitious Sicilian Mafia soldier hoping  to rise in the  ranks of the Cosa Nosta  by killing  Rizzotto  as a  gift for the Godfather of Corleone who held a grudge against the  activist  for leading the revolt  of  the peasants