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Italian police in the Puglia city  of Bari on Thursday carried  out   a crime- busting raids targeting  the Strisciuglio clan of the Sacra  Corona Unita mafia

More than 100  police officers , helped  by a helicopter and sniffer dogs, carried out searches for weapons and drugs  and  arrested  seven suspected members of  the  Strisciuglio mafia organization

The big blitz targeted top  leaders of the organization , which is one of the most hardened criminal groups in the mafia riddled city of Bari

The suspects are charged with criminal association, possession of weapons of war,  illegal carrying of  weapons, and trafficking drugs, with the aggravating circumstance of mafia involvement

During the investigation, police  seized a sizable  supply  of hashish, an AK47 submachine gun, two bulletproof vests, two  pistols with silencers, and hundreds of rounds of ammo  in the custody  of the  clan