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Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

John Gotti, the swashbuckling Dapper Don who thumbed his nose at the feds only to be convicted at trial after he was captured on tape admitting to murder and mob mayhem, died in prison 13 years ago last week.

The other two Gambino family leaders who were also brought down by the tape-recorded words Gotti uttered on a memorable FBI recording are still behind bars – and doing everything they legally can to try to avoid a similar fate as their late Mafia boss.

Mr.  Capeci writes, For former underboss-turned-cooperating witness Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano there is a clear light at the end of the tunnel: the now 70-year-old Sammy Bull has asked a judge to shorten the length of his 20-year-long stretch. But even if he loses that appeal, he is still due to be released from prison in February of 2017.

Mr. Capeci writes, But the light grows dimmer for 82-year-old convicted consigliere Frank (Frankie Loc) Locascio. Gotti’s most loyal lieutenant has been trying for years to obtain copies of the original recording of the December 12, 1989 conversation that served as the linchpin of his conviction, where an angry Gotti talked about wanting to kill mobster Louis DiBono. Locascio says the actual tape would clear him of the DiBono murder, and end his stay in prison.  Gang Land News