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A fugitive boss of a ‘Ndrangheta mafia drug gang  was arrested at his fathers home in Marina di Gioiosa Jonica  by the Italian Carabinieri police and the provincial command of Reggio Calabria
  Domenico Aquino aka “the blonde” was wanted since July 2010, when he managed to escape arrest for Mafia associated crimes.  Aquino was taken away in  handcuffs without incident
  Domenico Aquino  is a member of  the Aquino crime family, a mafia  gang of  international drug traffickers with strong ties to organized crime in Canada and South America
He and his brother Rocco, who was arrested two years ago, had taken over the leadership  of the crime family for  their uncle,  Salvatore “Turi” Aquino , considered the godfather of the clan who had served  nearly 15 years in prison for mafia association and was recently released