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Cuban Luis Posada Carriles ,who has a long history of involvement with terrorist activities in Latin America, comfortably lives in Miami, campaigning against Castro and selling landscape portraits to fellow right-wing Cuban exiles [

In the book ,Double Cross Sam Giancana  by the Chicago Outfit Don’s brother Chuck Giancana, and his  godson,  mentions many of the CIA  attemts at assassinating Fidel Casto using the Mafia including  Las Vegas boss Johnny Roselli and Tampa kingpin Santo Trafficante   read the story by Belen Fernandez. AlJazeera

 by Belen Fernandez.

Austin, Texas – In the 1950s, my father’s uncle Benito was summoned to Havana by Santo Trafficante Jr, Mafia boss for the southeastern United States and Cuba and a childhood friend of Benito’s from the Ybor City neighbourhood in Tampa, Florida.

In Havana, Benito was tasked with surveillance duties at the Sans Souci night club and casino run by Trafficante, a close friend of pro-US Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Trafficante had inherited the position from his father, the Sicilian-born Santo Trafficante Sr, who had been appointed by organised crime icons, Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano, to oversee gambling and drug operations in the Cuban capital, which served as a storage facility for heroin en route from Europe to the US. read more  Here