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messina denaro

messina denaro

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi on Friday lauded the State’s “no fear” approach to the Mafia after police seized a whopping 13 million euros’ worth of assets  from four men considered  colleagues  of  fugitive Cosa Nostra boss  Matteo Messina Denaro, reports Ansa News

“Thirteen million euros’ worth of assets seized from the Matteo Messina Denaro clan. Against the mafia, without fear,” Renzi tweeted.

The seizures  included personal property, real estate, and companies tied to four so-called ”men of honor”  arrested last August in an anti-mafia operation

Busted in the big  blitz   were,  Vito Gondola, 77, considered boss  of Cosa Nostra’s  Mazara del Vallo clan, Michele Gucciardi, 62, allegedly a   caporegime  of the mafia’s Salemi family; Giovanni Domenico Scimonelli, 48, allegedly a   member  of the Partanna clan; and Pietro Giambalvo, 77, allegedly  a caporegime of clan Santa Ninfa