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Louis ‘Baby Shanks’ Manocchio
By Howie Carr, Boston Herald

They called his brother the Cheeseman — Carmen DiNunzio, 450 pounds of Mafia gorgonzola, now residing until January 2015 at the federal prison at Fort Dix, N.J., under the nom de number 31885-198.

So what was the Mob moniker of the Cheeseman’s little brother, Anthony DiNunzio, lugged yesterday by the feds on charges of racketeering, which these days amounts to open and gross stupidity?

Little Cheese? Or Cheese Whiz — no, a whiz he definitely wasn’t. Cheese Puffs?

What a pair of Cheez-Its.

And so another “boss” bites the Parmesan. How do the G-men keep a straight face when they bust these gavone goombahs, claiming that (fill in the blank) is “the alleged leader of the New England organized family of La Cosa Nostra

C’mon, guys, Anthony ain’t really the boss, and you know it. The boss is the Old Man, and I don’t mean Baby Shanks. You feds are making Anthony the goat — goat cheese?

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