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Douglas LeVien Jr

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci  writes, 

He was undercover in Midtown Manhattan meeting a powerful Sicilian drug dealer with ties to mobsters in Italy and the U.S. When lunch was over, he wanted the gangster to figure out for himself that he was really rich, so he asked whether he could drop him off on the Upper West Side. “No big deal,” he added, “Don’t have my car, but I can grab a cab if you can’t.”

“No problem,” replied Vincenzo (Enzo) Napoli, whose scams ranged from bulk heroin sales to stolen bonds, and who was surely interested in finding out where he was going.

Mr. Capeci writes, As directed, Napoli dropped off his luncheon companion at the 79th Street Boat Basin and watched. He watched the solidly-built, dapperly-dressed man step aboard a sleek, 50-foot yacht that was docked there, then turn and give Napoli a thumbs up “thank you” as the boat motored north toward the George Washington Bridge.

Mr Capeci writes,  “I knew I had him then,” smiled NYPD Detective Douglas LeVien Jr. as he related that story to me more than 25 years ago. LeVien, a hard-scrabble kid from Brooklyn who overcame a nagging stutter to become an extraordinary undercover detective – as well as a very effective investigator – died of a suspected heart attack last week. He was laid to rest yesterday. He was 68.

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