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Black hole for Mexican organised crime … soldiers patrol a neighbourhood in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. Photo: Reuters

 Drug wars are taking a toll on the resort city of Acapulco.  Gunned down godfather’s like  Arturo Beltran Leyva , “boss of  bosses”, and rising stars on the prowl for  power like his henchman, an American dubbed ”La Barbie”  ,  or even a wannabe drug lord from the upstart Acapulco drug cartel (Cida) ,  have  murdered Acapulco’s treasured  tourist trade . Read a good story from

Chief Correspondent Paul McGeough reports from Acapulco

At the church of Senor del Perdon, sparrows swoop to scavenge a slice of tomato and a bit of cheese squished into the brick paving. Untidy perhaps, but as the grimness of the church’s forecourt is revealed, the birds become a welcome hint of the natural order in a party town that struggles to escape the unnerving and the unnatural

In the past, a parade of boldface names sallied to this resort city on Mexico’s balmy Pacific coast. Frank Sinatra sang about it. The Kennedys honeymooned and the Nixons holidayed here. J. Paul Getty had a villa and Howard Hughes ended his days here. Elvis Presley made a movie. And John Wayne and Johnny ”Tarzan” Weissmuller opened the fabled Hotel Los Flamingos, one of scores that now stand sentinel by Acapulco bay’s emerald waters.But But the party days of the 1950s and 60s are furthest from the mind of the white-cassocked Father Martin Reyna, as he tells matter-of-factly of how, after Mass on a recent morning, he stumbled upon an unidentified victim of the turf wars being waged by Mexico’s drug cartels. read more  Here