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Whitey Bulger’s lawyers told a judge Friday they received information that hit man John Martorano has resumed “criminal activity” since his 2007 prison release and State police covered it up

 Federal prosecutors fired back Friday calling  it a desperate attempt by  Bulger’s attorneys to discredit a Massachusetts State Police lieutenant who  worked for decades to build a case against  Bulger  who  is  accused of ordering or committing 19 murders of men and woman
John Martorano, a star witness in the Bulger case  admitted to 20 murders between 1965 and 1982. His mentor in the mob was another murder machine, Stephen” The Rifleman” Flemmi
 As deady as this duo was, they danced to the tune of  Larry Baione, a ferocious mafia capo  who was the chief enforcer for the Patriarca crime family in Boston
 Martorano and Flemmi were bound by Baione’s orders while  they led the Winter Hill gang with Whitey Bulger and before him , Howie Winter.
They were “with Larry”  and that was their real passport to power in Boston’s mafia infested underworld . Wiseguys who ran into them would ask,  “how is Larry’?
Whitey plugged into that power