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Anti-Mafia agents seized assets worth 360 million euros from an entrepreneur accused of  managing businesses  belonging to the Cosa Nostra.reports Ansa news

Agents seized quarries, villas, companies , real estate, bank accounts, and other valuable assets   from Stephen Parra, 47, a mobbed up businessman in  the sector of quarries, construction and concrete

Prosecutors say Parra is considered an overseer of the mafia’s interests in Partinico, a province of Palermo.He managed mines,quarries. construction and concrete, and other businesses belonging to the Cosa Nostra

Police already put   Parra  under special  surveillance.  He was also arrested
in May 2000  for delivering dynamite and  fuses to a family member in the Cosa Nostra , used for blowing up a quarry full of buried bodies of mafia victims