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Lea Garofalo.
Police arrested 17 alleged members and associates of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia for their suspected roles in seven murders from 1989 to 2007 thanks  in part to a police informant who was wife like to a mobster and was killed after she gave evidence as a State witness
Investigators believe the murders were the result of a bloody war between mafia clans based in Crotone, a city located at the bottom of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula
Arrests and property seizures  took place in the northern and central Italian regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia, Romagna, and Abruzzo.
The arrests are the still ripe fruits of turncoat  testimony from Lea Garofalo, who disappeared in 2009, —-more than a decade after she  decided to become an informant for Calabrian law enforcement 
She supplied information regarding internal feuds between her family and that of  Calabrian crime boss Carlo Cosco, her ex-companion and alleged author of her murder 

According to an informant and Italian police,  Garofalo’s actual killing and the disposal of her body were allegedly carried out by two of Cosco’s brothers, Giuseppe and Vito.

Police say she was first tortured, and then put into an acid bath on waste ground near a Milan countryside

Carlo Cosco and  three others  are currently serving life-sentences for kidnapping and murdering Garofalo.

Anti-mafia police in the Calabrian city of Cantanzaro credit information Garofalo  provided  for the current round-up, as  well as  testimony from other police informers.

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