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CRYPT-IC MESSAGE: A driver says he heard mobsters hint that Jimmy Hoffa was buried here in Detroit Renaissance Center
For years  books have been written about  what really happend to   Jimmy Hoffa  , some say  the Detroit Mafia did him in, and then dumped him in cement. A new book  by  Canadian journalist  Adrian Humphreys  claims a Mob enforcer/chauffeur-turned-informant Marvin “The Weasel”  Elkind  has the real scoop . Read the story

By Brad Hamilton, NY Post

Jimmy Hoffa was whacked by a mob enforcer and buried in the foundation of  the General Motors’ headquarters, the Renaissance Cenn Detroit, the Teamster boss’ driver claims in a new book.

“It was his own people who did it,” claims chauffeur-turned-informant Marvin Elkind, the subject of “The Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob” by Canadian journalist Adrian Humphreys.

“Mr. Hoffa gave them no choice. He was very close to Tony Jack [Detroit capo and union heavy Anthony Giacalone], and everyone knows he provided the triggerman. Tony Jack told me. He didn’t say, ‘Marvin, I provided the triggerman.’ But he told me in another way.”  Read More  Click here: Jimmy Hoffa’s body buried by mob in Detroit’s Renaissance Center, driver claims –