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Enrico Ponzo

Enrico Ponzo, aka Jay Shaw,  a Patriarca Family hitman on-the-lam. since1994  was captured last week in Marsing, Idaho by the feds, and is charged with conspiring to murder 14 people, including New England Mafia Boss ” Cadillac Frank” Salemme. At the time of his arrest, Ponzo had been  going great guns in the cattle business and was well liked by his neighbors as “Jay Shaw” , a pillar of the community

  Read The Story by By Christine McConville, boston Herald

When accused Mafia hit man Enrico Ponzo’s 12 cows were sold at an auction last week, they fetched top dollar, the alleged mobster’s former Idaho neighbors told the Herald.

“They were in really good shape, and they sold pretty fast,” said Kelly Verceles, a 39-year-old rancher who still thinks of himself as one of John Jeffrey “Jay” Shaw’s best friends.

Two weeks ago, Verceles learned that his buddy was Ponzo, a man the FBI says is extremely dangerous. The East Boston native’s true identity was revealed.

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