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Tony Conte, a former actor in the television Mafia crime drama Omerta, arrived Thursday for to the beginning of his sentencing hearing following his conviction on charges he conspired to smuggle 30 kilos of cocaine into Canada in 2008. (Peter McCabe/The Gazette)

Actor Tony Conte who was busted by Montreal police in a cocaine  undercover sting operation  got stung again with a stiffer sentence  than he expected . read the story by Canada’s crime expert Paul Cherry for the Gazette 

MONTREAL – The film version of Un Simple Soldat will have to wait.

Montreal actor Tony Conte was told at Montreal’s courthouse Thursday that the fact he suddenly became very involved in film projects as his trial for conspiring to purchase cocaine approached last year was not enough to prove he is now rehabilitated.

Superior Court Justice Sophie Bourque sentenced Conte, 48, to a prison term of 42 months.

In January, a jury convicted Conte on charges of conspiracy and drug possession with intent to traffic. With the time he has already served factored into the sentence, Conte has more than 39 months left to serve

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