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super Bonanno capo, Mobster Salvatore Montagna, 40,is the identity of the man gunned down gangland style in Charlemagne Thursday morning.

REPENTIGNY— Former  New York Bonanno crime Family  boss Sal “The Ironworker” Montagna was whacked  Thursday morning in Charlemagne.

Montagna, 40, was known as the “Bambino Boss” and had returned to live in Montreal in April 2009 after being deported from the United States. He was also known as”Sal the Ironworker” because his family owned a metal company in Brooklyn. Montagna returned to Montreal and  bodies began to fall   with the start of a series of murders of Rizzuto-related clan members. reports      

  The Montreal mob squad  had been monitoring  Sal Montagna and  he appeared to be making a move to take control over the Mafia in Montreal reports Paul Cherry National post