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Vito Rizzuto

Vito Rizzuto

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes.

The crime family that Vito Rizzuto left behind after his sudden death 14 months ago remains relatively intact and is still the dominant underworld force in Montreal today.

Its leaders are mostly Sicilians and are primarily in their forties and early 50s, and they have mended their connections to the ‘Ndrangheta cells in Toronto.

Mr. Capeci  writes, It’s doubtful they will ever achieve the clout and influence the gangster the Crown described as the Godfather of Canada had in his day.

But they have certainly done a better job of filling the void than acting Bonanno boss Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna did in 2009 when the onetime Montrealer returned to the city of his birth from New York.

Mr. Capeci writes, For Montagna, things started badly in Montreal and went rapidly downhill from there. His Canadian adventure ended on November 24, 2011 when he was lured to Île Vaudry, a working-class/commuter neighborhood on a small island about 30 miles north of Montreal, and murdered, at age 39, on the snowy banks of a stream.   Gang Land news  .com