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William Coyman

The mystery began when a Boston mob connected  ex-con dropped dead on a Penn Station platform with a backpack stuffed with $180,000.

It has ended with the government getting most of the money.

The former bank robber-turned-aspiring-movie producer who tried to claim it is back to prison.

And the source of the money? Prosecutors won’t comment, but a defense attorney and a Philadelphia entertainment promoter say it was connected to a failed concert deal.

The 75-year-old bagman was William Coyman, a longtime resident of Boston’s Charlestown section who had been a fixture at a union local once known for organized crime ties and for shaking down movie producers in New England. He died of a heart attack in New York City.

Just what Coyman was doing with so much cash was unclear. His family told investigators he had been delivering the money for a company called 180 Entertainment, which listed a Philadelphia home as its business address. read the rest on  Huffington Post