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Bertram Duke

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes, 

Prosecutors have rolled up several more plea deals in the odd-bedfellows case involving both gangstas and gangsters in a failed plot to whack a Queens gangster three years ago. But the case against several defendants, including two from the mob wing of the attempted murder scheme, has hit a pothole, one that may be damaging to the government.

Mr. Capeci writes, The big winner seems to be Bertram (Birdy) Duke, who faced a life sentence if convicted at trial, and whom prosecutors had previously described as a crucial liaison between the two diverse crime groups. He got a super-sweet deal this week. He copped a plea calling for a maximum prison term of three years, a likely sentence of about two years, and perhaps even less.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Members of the would-be hit team didn’t do as well: Sharif (QB) Brown, 32, was hit with 13 years behind bars and three years of post-prison supervised release. Tyrone (Ty) McCullum, 38, received an 11 year-nine month sentence and three years of supervised release. Gang Land News

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