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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Top L.A. Mafia street boss , formerly from bostons’s North End Angiulo gang, Anthony “tony Rome” Fiato  and  his vicious  crew  were  the enforcing arm of the L.A. Mafia   Fiato was a  reputed  hit man, and  feared  for  his  feral ferocity. That’s why the cadre of coppers, and pissed-off prosecutor’s— who were  working  the O.J Simpson case  were .shrugging  their  shoulders , shaking  their  heads , and rolling  their eyes , when  they heard  the hot-off-the-wire  news that Nicole Browns’  sister ,  Denise Brown , was  shacked up with  a  made-guy Mobster  in  Boston’s Coply Plaza Hotel          .  
 The mind boggled  bunch just  couldn’t  figure  out how Denise could  be attracted   to such a scary guy..  Fiato  would  tell  you  it wasn’t witch  craft,  but  just  plain old animal  attraction  that  drew  Denise  to him. . Fiato  had  just  finished his  stint on  the stand as  the  key witness  in  a Murder-for-hire trial  when he walked  into the same witness  room  where  Denise and  her  gal pal  Betsy  were talking.     
Not so bash-full Betsy said to  Fiato  “you  look  like  your  name is  Vinnie,  or some  Italian  name, by the way you dress, all  mob  guys wear silk Armani suits like  yours.”  .. Fiato  chimed  back,” the  way  you  dress  honey, ” you  look like  you  work  for Heidi Fleiss”.  Denise  laughed for  the first  time  in a month of Sunday’s. Anthony  Fiato’s’ rugged  looks,  and  teasing  way  of  talking — sealed  the  deal  for Denise. While appearing on  the Howard Stern show, Howard asked  Fiato to  sum  up  his  relationship  with Denise Brown.    Fiato  told  Howard ,”  Denise  was high  maintenance”,  “I  just gave  her a tune-up” , every once in  a while.”