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Steven Arena

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

The named defendants at next month’s labor racketeering trial in Manhattan Federal Court are Genovese mobsters Steven (Mad Dog) Arena and Frank (Frankie G) Giovinco. If found guilty, the veteran wiseguys are potentially looking at lengthy sentences behind bars. But there are three other crucial names that will also pop up repeatedly as the case is heard. And each of them is a Vincent. So in Gang Land, this trial will henceforth be known as The Case of the Three Vincents.

Mr . Capeci writes,  Vincent Number One is late Mafia Boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante, who died behind bars in 2005 but whose legend as the pajama-clad mob kingpin survives him. Vincent Number Two is The Chin’s grandson, Vincent Fyfe. He’s the president of Local 2D of the United Food & Commercial Workers Union, (UFCW) and the unlikely key government witness in the case. Then there’s Vincent Number Three — Vincent Esposito, son of the late godfather and uncle of government songbird Vincent Fyfe. The mob scion has already pleaded guilty and is slated to be sentenced later this year as the architect of a 15-year-extortion of Vincent Number Twoand his union.

In a recent filing, prosecutors Kimberly Ravener and Jason Richman wrote that Fyfe, who earns $300,000 a year as the leader of a powerful union that represents 1620 workers in the liquor industry, will be the primary witness against Arena for the shakedown of the union boss. They say Fyfe will also finger Arena in fraud, extortion and other crimes from the witness stand.  Gang Land News

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