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former Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger

By Howie Carr

I’m humbled — in their pre-sentencing memo on Whitey Bulger, the feds listed me as the reporter he “most despised.”

You might say I’m No. 1 with a Bullet — or is that a poor choice of words?

Thank you, Whitey, for this honor. In return, I’d like to send you a copy of my new book about your trial last summer, “Ratman.” It will give you something to read over the weekend before your sentencing next week in federal court.

But how to inscribe the volume? At moments like this, it’s important to come up with exactly the right sentiment. I thought a while, and then it occurred to me what to write. It was a bit of doggerel from the 1930s.

“To Whitey,” I scrawled. “You’ve lost your job, you’ve lost your dough/Your jewels and cars and handsome houses/But things could still be worse you know/At least you haven’t lost your trousers!”

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