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Frank Cali

Gang Land’s  Jerry Capeci writes,

Four years after the Gambino family severed its last ties to the John Gotti era by choosing a member of its Sicilian faction to lead it, the borghata has again reaffirmed its move away from the Dapper Don’s swashbuckling leadership style.

In its most recent election, family leaders have tapped a Brooklyn-born wiseguy with strong ties to Sicily, a mobster with a decidedly “old-school” mentality as its acting boss.

Mr.  Capeci writes, According to sources on both sides of the law, underboss Frank Cali, long viewed by the feds as a rising star in the crime family, has replaced Domenico (Italian Dom) Cefalu as the wiseguy quietly calling the shots for the Gambinos.

Gotti clan elder Peter Gotti, 75, who is cooling his heels at a federal prison in Lisbon, Ohio, is still the “official boss.” But it’s in name only. All agree that the former New York city sanitation worker has no say in the crime family’s business.

Mr. Capeci writes, “It’s really no surprise,” said one of three law enforcement sources who credited the 50-year-old Cali as the reigning Gambino crime family godfather. “We recognized him as an up and comer when he began showing up at clubs in the late 80s, when he was still in his 20s.” Gang Land News